The Training Program The role of artificial intelligence in enterprise management

The Training Program The role of artificial intelligence in enterprise management




    The importance of training courses is not only limited to professional life, as most of us think but training courses aim to transfer knowledge and practical experiences that enrich the skills of individuals and enhance their self-confidence, which contributes to the preparation of cadres which in turn contributes to the development and progress of institutions. Therefore, Strategic Vision Training Center aims to enhance the skills and experiences of individuals through the strongest training programs to keep pace with every development in the labor market.

Objectives :

  • Artificial Intelligence is a modern technology that can help organizations in many areas, including managing operations, making decisions, and improving performance. In the field of enterprise management, artificial intelligence can be used to improve operational processes, make smarter decisions, and improve the overall performance of the organization.
  • This program is designed to cover these axes and help equip leaders and managers with the necessary skills and knowledge to interact effectively with advanced technologies in the field of artificial intelligence in the context of enterprise business management.

Course content:

1. Understand the basics of artificial intelligence

    - Introduction to the concept of artificial intelligence and analysis of how it can have a positive impact on management.

2. Data analysis

    - How can artificial intelligence be used to analyze big data to make better management decisions.

3. Improving decision-making processes

    - How artificial intelligence can enhance an organization's decision-making processes and provide strategic guidance.

4. Market forecasts and trend analysis

    - How artificial intelligence can help companies predict market trends and understand customer needs.

5- Skills development

    - Developing the team’s skills in using smart technologies and interacting with smart systems.

6. Interaction with robots and automation

    - How to improve the work interaction between humans and machines in the work environment.