About Us

Introduction :

The human element is the basis for the success of any institution .. The development and enhancement of the skills of individuals, which is intended to manage human resources is the cornerstone of the development and success of institutions

Therefore, the trend towards development and investment in human resources through training services has become an imperative.

Who are we ?

Strategic Vision Training Center is a center with a global vision in the field of providing training and consulting services in accordance with a carefully studied work mechanism that aims to develop and enhance the skills of individuals and burden the skills of leaders and managers, which in turn leads to improving the performance of companies and institutions in practice.

Our vision :

  • Providing the best training services with a scientific methodology, and contributing to the rehabilitation, development and empowerment of human resources and Arab institutions, by keeping pace with global developments, and selecting the best academic and professional experts
  • Providing the best quality services in the field of training for our Arab institutions with professionalism and high quality
  • Providing qualitative training that meets these renewed training needs for individuals, institutions and companies of various activities
  • To become the pioneers and distinguished in providing training services at the Arab level

Our mission :

  • Developing Arab human resources, within programs and solutions that meet the actual needs of the Arab market, and enhance their scientific and practical capabilities
  • Designing and implementing In House Training programs for Arab institutions, in proportion to their training needs
  • Determining the training needs of institutions, and developing appropriate programs and plans
  • Implementation of quality management systems in accordance with international standards

Training Methodology Preparation stage for the training program :

  • Aligning the training content of the program with the required needs
  • Using modern training techniques according to the training requirement
  • Determining the schedule of the training program

During training :

  • Follow-up step by step with the stages of implementation
  • Ensure the smooth running of the implementation process and use the appropriate training methods for the participants
  • Follow up on participants' satisfaction
  • Measuring the extent to which the participants reached the goal of the training program through a survey of the trainees' opinions and some cognitive and skill tests

After the training program :

  • Evaluate the impact of training after the end of the training program
  • Providing participants with scientific material, a list of specialized knowledge references and videos in the same program content

Training methods :

  • Case studies and practical exercises
  • Role-playing
  • Work simulation exercises
  • Related videos
  • Visual display
  • Group workshops
  • Guidance