Maintenance of electrical Equipment, Troubleshooting and Repairing Course

Maintenance of electrical Equipment, Troubleshooting and Repairing Course



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·        Identify and clarify a variety of electrical faults

·        Discussing electrical fault detection procedures

·        Accurately identifying the electrical system and electrical equipment therein

·        Learn about the various maintenance programs and monitor the condition of electrical equipment

·        Describe the function of generator, transformer and electric motors

·        Emphasis on the need for an effective grounding system and effective protection systems

·        Identify the dangers of electricity and safety methods and procedures

·        Read, understand and apply the electrocardiogram

·        A review of the operating and control circuits of electric motors and methods of detecting faults in them

·        Interpret cabling systems and fault finding techniques


Who should attend?

·        Electrical Engineers

·        Electrical Supervisors

·        Electrical technicians

·        Professionals responsible for operation, maintenance and fault finding techniques

·        Personnel with a scope of work that includes limited electrical maintenance

Course content:

The first day: the electrical system and safety and security instructions

·        The electrical (network) systems and the electrical equipment comprising it

·        Electric power plants and transmission and distribution networks

·        Electrical Hazards and Precautions • Safe work practices and isolation procedures

·        Types of fault in electrical networks and the factors that affect fault levels

·        Introduction to electrical equipment maintenance • Maintenance Management

Second day: Various types of maintenance and maintenance planning

·        Maintenance of electrical equipment recommended

·        Predictive maintenance and early detection of problems before they occur

·        Preventive maintenance and maintenance scheduling

·        Factors affecting periodic maintenance

·        Interactive maintenance and troubleshooting

·        Monitor and control the condition of electrical equipment ONLINE

·        Electrical maintenance planning

Third day: electrical equipment and miscellaneous maintenance procedures

·        Electrical generators and related maintenance works and troubleshooting

·        Various types of electrical transformers and maintenance work on them

·        Maintenance of electric motors, discovery and repair of faults

·        Electrical cables and their tests

·        Electrical tests for troubleshooting

·        Power electronics, UPS and batteries

·        Devices and circuits for controlling electric motors

Fourth day: Control, protection and troubleshooting in electrical circuits

·        Variable speed motors, harmonics and their treatment methods

·        Electrical panels and distribution systems and their types

·        Electrical switches and the types of maintenance used

·        Electrical protections and their importance to maintain electrical equipment

·        Troubleshooting of electric motor circuits

·        Read, track and apply electrical diagrams and use them to discover and repair faults

Fifth day: Monitoring systems and electrical equipment readiness

·        Examples of motor control and protection circuits

·        Cost of maintenance work

·        SCADA Supervisory Monitoring and Data Acquisition System

·        Readiness of electrical equipment and external influences

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