Electrical Switches (Test Maintainance – Installation) Course

Electrical Switches (Test Maintainance – Installation) Course



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  • Develop and provide participants' concepts with the best operational conditions and learn how to operate and maintain electrical switches
  • Provide participants with scientific principles and international standards for the examination, operation and maintenance of different types of switches, circuit breakers, disconnect switches and electrical connections.


Who should attend?

Electrical engineers and technicians interested in circuit breakers, disconnect switches and connection switches.

Course content:

  • A general introduction to the different electrical switches.
  • A quick review on the principles of electrical engineering.
  • The importance of electrical switches in various industrial installations.
  • Types of electrical switches and their benefits.
  • Overview of the various distribution systems and their main components
  • Electricity hazards and their prevention.
  • The different grounding systems and their importance
  • Faults in electrical power systems
  • Fuse and its uses
  • How to characterize circuit breakers and electrical panels for medium and low voltage.
  • Various choices on electrical circuit breakers.
  • Various types of maintenance for medium and low voltage circuit breakers.
  • Separation and connection steps for circuit breakers to ensure safety.
  • Protection of electrical power systems.
  • Various tests of electrical switches.
  • Maintenance of electrical switches.