Electrical Machine Safety Course

Electrical Machine Safety Course



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Who should attend?

Electrical machinery. Generally, these will include Electrical and Mechanical Managers

Course content:

  • Overview of relevant Health and Safety legislation
  • Legislative documents related to the above in respect of power presses, woodworking and lifting machinery
  • The relevant non-statutory British-European standards regarding low voltage control systems
  • General risk assessment relating to electrical machinery
  • Risk assessment associated with compliance with the Directives’
  • Machine guarding and safety interlocking
  • Safety circuitry and PLC controlled safety issues
  • Electro sensitive protective systems
  • Knowledge of the requirements and use of photoelectric light curtains
  • Shock protection requirements
  • Specification and selection of control and distribution cables for the application
  • Specification and selection of control and circuit protective devices
  • Wiring color code
  • Specification and selection of control and circuit protective devices
  • Wiring color codes
  • Overview of electrical functional safety devices and circuit arrangements
  • EMC considerations and system component segregation
  • Hardware installation, layout considerations and component identification
  • Electrical drawing conventions and symbolic notations
  • Electrical test instrumentation, criteria and documentation