Qualifying Program For Managers To Represent The Institution In External Meetings And Committees

Qualifying Program For Managers To Represent The Institution In External Meetings And Committees




    The importance of training courses is not only limited to professional life, as most of us think but training courses aim to transfer knowledge and practical experiences that enrich the skills of individuals and enhance their self-confidence, which contributes to the preparation of cadres which in turn contributes to the development and progress of institutions. Therefore, Strategic Vision Training Center aims to enhance the skills and experiences of individuals through the strongest training programs to keep pace with every development in the labor market.


  • Positive and honorable representation of their institutions and countries in external committees, meetings and events
  • Understand and apply the steps and tools to build an institutional and personal mental image
  • Professionalism in the effective application of tools and methods for building and managing a first impression
  • Professional application of etiquette rules and dealing protocols in meetings and external committees
  • Speaking confidently and effectively in front of the public and attending external meetings, committees and events
  • Effective positive use of social and linguistic intelligence tools in representing the organization in committees and external meetings
  • Professional use and reading of body language during meetings and external committees

Who should attend?

  • All managers and leaders of different specializations and organizational levels
  • Those who participate in representing the institution in committees, meetings and various events, whether at the local or international level
  • All qualified individuals, and all individuals who wish to develop their competencies in the areas of etiquette, first impression, social intelligence and public speaking in committees, meetings and events

Course content:

Leaders and managers and building a mental image of the institution

  • The roles of managers and leaders as ambassadors for the organization
  • What is the importance of corporate identity and individual identity?
  • The importance and what is the first impression of leaders and institutions
  • How to build a lasting first impression during meetings, meetings and committees
  • The four social gifts in order to positively influence others
  • Using social intelligence in dealing with others

Leaders and managers as speaking ambassadors in committees and meetings

  • The art of presentation and public speaking in committees and meetings
  • Building confidence and getting rid of the fear of the situation
  • How to attract the attention of the public in meetings and committees
  • The art and tools of preparing for public speaking
  • Dealing with different types of audience and attendance in meetings and committees
  • Use your body language to your advantage and read the audience's body language

Etiquette of leaders and managers in meetings and committees and dealing with difficult situations

  • Clothing etiquette, shaking hands and exchanging dating cards
  • Etiquette of sitting, speaking and listening in meetings and committees
  • Etiquette for dealing with VIPs
  • Etiquette of managing and participating in virtual meetings
  • The art and skills of choosing words (linguistic intelligence)
  •  The art of dealing with difficult situations and self-control