Planning strategies, administrative organization, guidance and crisis management

Planning strategies, administrative organization, guidance and crisis management




    The importance of training courses is not only limited to professional life, as most of us think but training courses aim to transfer knowledge and practical experiences that enrich the skills of individuals and enhance their self-confidence, which contributes to the preparation of cadres which in turn contributes to the development and progress of institutions. Therefore, Strategic Vision Training Center aims to enhance the skills and experiences of individuals through the strongest training programs to keep pace with every development in the labor market.


  • Developing the capabilities and skills of participants in the field of planning strategy and following up on the implementation of plans
  • Providing participants with full skills and knowledge about administrative organization in order to increase the participants' skills, whether they are behavioral, functional or leadership skills, in order to help accomplish administrative work effectively.
  • Providing participants with the knowledge and skills that enable them to develop their managerial and leadership skills for crisis management

Course content:

  • Basics of Planning Strategies
  • How do you analyze your organization's external environment? Identify opportunities and threats
  • How do you analyze the intrinsic capabilities of your organization? Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • How do you determine the general strategic direction of your organization? Quadrilateral analysis swat
  • Network of objectives and stakeholder expectations
  • How to analyze and evaluate the business portfolio in your organization
  • Recovery map as a tool for planning and following up on project implementation
  • Identify the nature of the organization and the basic concepts related to it
  • Realizing the importance and content of each of the principles of organization and its effects
  • Identify the stages of preparing the organizational structure and the foundations to be taken into account
  • The concept of crisis and its types
  • Characteristics of the crisis
  • Stages of its development - characteristics of the crisis
  • The stages of the emergence of the crisis
  • Reasons for the emergence of the crisis
  • stages of crisis management
  • Proactive Planning - Team Building
  • The importance of leadership in crisis management
  • Characteristics of the leadership's behavior under the harbingers of crises
  • Decisions under crisis conditions
  • The role of the leader before, during and after the crisis
  • Good and supervisory planning