SWIFT System (Electronic System for Bank Transfers and Credits) Course

SWIFT System (Electronic System for Bank Transfers and Credits) Course


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  • General familiarization with the SWIFT system and the message structure of personal and inter-bank transfers and other characteristics, and a tour of the Relationship Management system within SWIFT.
  • Understand the structure of Swift messages.
  • Identifying the methods of issuing customer remittances and the mechanisms of operating them through SWIFT.
  • Learn about the methods of implementing bank transfers (financial institutions) and the mechanisms related to them through SWIFT.
  • Learn about the methods of issuing and following-up letters related to policies, guarantees and documentary credits.
  • Familiarize yourself with the general characteristics of the Relationship Management Application system

Who should attend?

Workers in banking operations departments who provide their banking services through the SWIFT system, such as: customer transfers, inter-bank transfers, credits, guarantees, interested employees of other departments...

Course content:

SWIFT System

  • SWIFT system definition
  • SWIFT Reliability and Security
  • Introduction to RMA: Relationship Management Application as an Alternative to BKE
  • SWIFT Messaging Flow Charts
  • SWIFT Message Structure and Field Formats
  • Message Input / Output Reference Numbers
  • The most important types of General SWIFT Message Categories

RMA Tour:

  • Relationship Management Application (RMA) system definition
  • Establishment of relationships between banks through RMA
  • Follow-up and update of RMA's relationships

General Messages: MT999 General Format Messages

  • General texting
  • Characteristics of public messages

Remittances of customers and notification of issuance of checks Category 1

  • Creating customer remittance messages and reporting a suspicious issue
  • Amendment, Cancellation and Suspension
  • Follow-up messages

Transfers of financial institutions: Category 2

  • Bank transfers from the bank account to the bank account with another bank
  • Bank transfers to other bank accounts
  • Modifications, Cancellation and Suspension
  • Follow-up messages
  • practical case

Category 4 policies and guarantees

  • Issuing letters of policies and guarantees
  • Amendment and cancellation
  • Follow-ups

Category 7 credits

  • Issuance of a letter of credit
  • Amendment and cancellation
  • Follow-ups
  • Practical case and discussion of miscellaneous topics about the SWIFT system.