Documentary Credits and the International Standard for Document Examination Course

Documentary Credits and the International Standard for Document Examination Course


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  • Familiarity with the new international rules for documentary credits (UCP700).
  • Familiarity with the technical aspects of credits in light of the new issuance of the International Customs Regulation for Documentary Credits Bulletin No. 700 of 2019 in effect as of 1/1/2020
  • Familiarity with the obligations and commitments of banks involved in the implementation of the documentary credit in the light of the new version (UCP700).
  • Banks' strategies for examining documents and interbank coverage.
  • Familiarity with international standards for examining documents within the scope of documentary credits.
  • Knowledge of the international sales terms (Incoterms 2020) and their implications for documents
  • Required in accreditation...

Who should attend?

All employees in the documentary credit departments (import / export) in export and import companies and banks. As well as all students in the same specialization.

Course content:

  • The first requirement: documentary credits from the perspective of the new rules for credits (UCP700)
    • 1 - Introducing the mechanisms and methods of bank payment in foreign trade and its role in avoiding the risks of international trade.
  • (Advance payment- Open Account- Collection –
  • Documentary Credit - Stand by L/C)
    • 2- Payments in Foreign Trade (Definition - How are payments made? - When are payments made? - Where are payments made?)
    • 3- Types of credits from the perspective of international rules (UCP700).
    • 4- How Letter of credit Work)
    • 5 - The responsibility of the intervening banks in the implementation of documentary credits and their legal obligations (the lighter bank / the amount bank / the confirming bank / the appointed bank / the circulating bank / the covering bank) in light of (UCP700).
    • 6 - Types of documentary credits in terms of the power of release (confirmed credit / credit available with another bank).
    • 7 - The meaning of Negotiation and Honor within the scope of the Documentary Credit in the light of the Prospectus (UCP700).
    • 8 - Types of documents in circulation on the documentary credit (electronic documents - paper documents).
    • 9- The documents in circulation within the scope of the documentary credit (transfer documents / financial documents / insurance documents / from the perspective of the new regulation (UCP700)).
    • 10- Practical cases for opening the electronic accreditation (SWIFT- FELEX CUBE)
    • In light of the International Chamber of Commerce Bulletin No. 700 of 2019.
    • 11- Legislative Frameworks Governing Documentary Credits and Standby Letter of Credit:
  • Bulletin No. 700 (Unified Rules for New Documentary Credits).
    • With a light on the features of the new regulation for documentary credits
    • The most important developments in it. And its implications for the meaning of the credit, the specific bank, and transferable credits.


The second requirement - documentary collections

1 - Documentary collections from the theoretical perspective:

  • Introducing the collections system as one of the means of payment in international trade.
  • Advantages of the documentary collections system compared to other means of payment.
  • Dealing with the documentary collections system from the Egyptian legislative perspective / laws and decisions governing the documentary collections system locally and internationally.
  • Definition of collection/ types of collection/ forms of collection/ parties to collection/ documents subject to collection.

• 2- Documentary collections from a natural perspective:

  • o (bank executive procedures for collections/import)
  • o (bank executive procedures for collections/export)

• 3- Uniform International Rules for Collections:

  • o - (Technical analysis of the International Chamber of Commerce Bulletin No. 522/1995)
  • o - (Questions and inquiries/practical cases for study)