Human Resources Audit Course

Human Resources Audit Course




    The importance of training courses is not only limited to professional life, as most of us think but training courses aim to transfer knowledge and practical experiences that enrich the skills of individuals and enhance their self-confidence, which contributes to the preparation of cadres which in turn contributes to the development and progress of institutions. Therefore, Strategic Vision Training Center aims to enhance the skills and experiences of individuals through the strongest training programs to keep pace with every development in the labor market.



Human Resource Audit is a systematic assessment of the strengths, limitations, and developmental needs of its existing human resources in the context of organizational performance

Top Management saw solutions to their problems, issues and challenges in HRD to face business competition and to achieve organizational goals.

  • To examine and pinpoint strength and weaknesses related
  • to H.R. areas and Skills and Competencies to enable an organization to achieve its long-term and short-term goals.
  • To increase the effectiveness of the design and implementation of human resource policies, planning and programs.
  • To help human resource planners develop and update employment and program plans.


Who should attend?

  • Task Forces within the organisation.
  • Out side Consultants.


Course content:

Whenever the H.R. Audit it taken up, the scope is decided. Audit need not be exhaustive, but should be focused on particular function of H.R.M. such as Training and Development, Performance Appraisal, Compensation, etc.. However, the objective and approach of H.R. Audit, more or less, remains the same, regardless of scope.