Maintenance and Operation of Electrical Generators Course

Maintenance and Operation of Electrical Generators Course



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  • Introducing the participant to the different types of electric motors and how to install and assemble them (DC motors - induction motors - synchronous generators),
  • Identifying common faults in generators, identifying the types of complements used to protect generators, and protecting generators.


Who should attend?

Engineers and technicians.


Course content:

  • Principles of operation of generators, their types and installation.
  • Common malfunctions of engines
  • Failures of DC generators - malfunctions of induction generators - malfunctions of synchronous generators
  • Types of supplements: supplement to increase the load
  • Complement the surge current
  • Differential complement, etc.
  • Protection of electric motors.
  • Protection against overload and overcurrent.
  • Protection against the breakdown of the insulators for the engine.
  • Protection against contact of one of the faces with the ground.
  • Protection against rotor failures.
  • Protection against unbalance of the engine's power source.
  • Protection against loss of light current.
  • Protection against different facets.
  • Maintenance of electrical generators of all kinds.