Forensic Evidence in Archeology and Anthropology Course

Forensic Evidence in Archeology and Anthropology Course


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  • The processes of locating and exhuming the remains of the dead and identifying them require specialized experts. In this course, students will learn the latest scientific techniques used to locate graves, and methods of exhuming and analyzing remains.
  • Using a combination of real case studies, video lectures, interactive 3D models, photographs and audio broadcasts, learners will be able to learn about the basic techniques of forensic science.
  • They will also learn the methods of grave sites, the exhumation of human remains, and the identification of related factors such as gender and age at death from the skeleton, as well as an understanding of how diseases can be determined from the deceased, as well as an introduction to DNA analysis.

Who should attend?

  • This course is suitable for anyone who is interested in forensic science, and its applications in the context of archeology and to humans.
  • It is also specifically designed for forensic evidence collectors, crime scene analysis, and police personnel, who must be trained.