Maritime Piracy Course

Maritime Piracy Course


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We will stand on the concept of maritime piracy and its criminalization in international law and the suppression of piracy and legal adaptation through the following:

Course content:

  • Maritime piracy concept
  • Maritime piracy in international law
  • International and regional situations and the challenges of maritime piracy
  • The dangers of maritime piracy and its effects
  • Dealing with international and regional powers with the phenomenon of piracy
  • Maritime anti-piracy strategies
  • Regulatory procedures that apply to maritime piracy cases
  • Suppression of maritime piracy in light of the rules of international law
  • Legal qualification of maritime piracy
  • International and regional efforts to prevent and suppress the crime of maritime piracy
  • Protecting sea transportation lines and combating sea piracy and armed robbery
  • Border security and challenges
  • The role of border guards at the national and regional levels
  • Smuggling and illicit drug trafficking
  • Infiltration and illegal immigration through land and sea borders
  • Political differences between countries
  • Security difficulties
  • International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS .)
  • Search and rescue agreement 1979