Customs inspection and control Course

Customs inspection and control Course


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Develop the skills of customs and border officials in inspecting materials and goods.


Target group:

1. Customs and border officials.

2. Logistic support personnel in clearance companies.

3. Importers and their representatives.

4. Workers in land, sea and air freight.



1. Definition of inspection and inspection.

2. The importance of inspection and inspection.

3. Items and goods subject to inspection and inspection.

4. Inspection and inspection places.

5. Documents to be presented at inspection and inspection.

6. Inspection and sensory inspection procedures.

7. Inspection of covers and cleats.

8. Customs lead inspection.

9. Inventory of parcels and quantities.

10. Material class inspection.

11. Material origin inspection.

12. Material value inspection.

13. Responsibility for deficiency in the statement.

14. Liability increase in statement.

15. Responsibility for the fact that the documents differ.

16. Inspection of goods for temporary admission.

17. Inspection of goods in transit.

18. Inspection of goods in case of export and re-export.

19. Inspection and inspection of cars.

20. Inspection and green, red and yellow lanes