Management of Investigations into Cyber-Extortion Crimes Course

Management of Investigations into Cyber-Extortion Crimes Course


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  • Training participants to understand the crimes of electronic extortion
  • Introducing participants to how victims are targeted by blackmailers
  • Identifying the strategies of blackmailers in committing the crime
  • Introducing participants to how the victim deals with the blackmailer
  • Clarify the methods of conducting investigations and collecting information and evidence regarding the crime and the obstacles to its investigation
  • Introducing participants to how to prevent crime by users of information systems
  • Editing reports of electronic extortion crimes and understanding the methods and patterns of committing the crime
  • Conducting investigations and gathering information in cases of electronic extortion and the problems facing the investigator and how to overcome them
  • Managing the crisis of dealing with the blackmailer and discovering threats that lead to falling victim to crime

Who should attend?

  • Police officers working in the field of criminal investigation and information analysis
  • Members of the Public Prosecution Office and judges
  • Government and private sector employees
  • Information Security Officers
  • lawyers
  • Security officials in institutions and companies


Course content:

1st Day

The concept of electronic blackmail and forms of crime

• Defining crime and the concept of blackmail

• Types of crime according to the victim

• Forms of crime according to the target of the crime and the perpetrators

• Practical models of crime

2nd Day

Legal aspects of the crime of electronic blackmail

  • Elements of crime in federal law
  • The legal nature of the crime
  • Distinguishing between traditional and electronic blackmail

3rd Day

methods of committing crime

  • Methods of blackmailing women
  • Methods of blackmailing men
  • Methods of blackmailing children
  • Methods of blackmailing institutions

4th Day

Investigating and overcoming cyber-extortion crimes and its difficulties

  • How to receive a report and deal with the victim
  • How to collect information about the incident and find the perpetrators
  • Difficulties in crime investigation and how to overcome them
  • Practical applications from reality

5nd Day

Strategy for dealing with blackmailers and crime prevention

  • The axes of the strategy of dealing with the blackmailer in the case of extortion through hacking
  • The axes of the strategy for dealing with the blackmailer in the case of blackmail through deception
  • Prevention of falling victim to crime