Maintenance of Transformers and Distribution Cells Course

Maintenance of Transformers and Distribution Cells Course



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Introducing the trainees to the types of distribution cells and their components, how to perform maintenance and how to fix faults

Who should attend?

Technicians specializing in electrical

Course content:

Distribution cells

  • Identify the components and types of distribution cells
  • Dismantling and installing distribution cells
  • Regular maintenance training
  • Training on repairing faults in distribution cells

Electrical transformers:

  • Identify the basic components of an electrical transformer
  • Conducting experiments (determining the copper and iron joints - determining the group number - determining the way to connect the transformer)
  • An experiment to measure the degree of oil efficiency of the transformer
  • Getting acquainted with the different protective devices for the transformer
  • Regular maintenance of the transformer
  • Tests carried out for the transformer before starting the network.

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