Advanced Corrosion Management Course

Advanced Corrosion Management Course



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This course is designed to create the foundation for Corrosion Engineering and understanding the common corrosion and corrosion control principals used in oil, gas fields, and other industries in general

Who should attend?

  • People who are making day to day decisions regarding operation, design, and economics of processing plants;
  •  Operations personnel,
  • Operation Supervisors,
  • Maintenance personnel,
  • Corrosion engineers
  • Maintenance Supervisors,
  • Senior Plant Supervisors,
  • Operations Engineers
  • Process Support Engineers,
  • Design Engineers,
  • Chemists

Course content:

Day 1  

  • Introduction: Cost of corrosion, Corrosion engineering, Definition of Corrosion, Environments, Corrosion Damage, Classification of Corrosion.
  • Basics of Corrosion : Corrosion Rate Expressions, Free Energy, Cell Potentials and the EMF Series, Exchange Current Density, Activation Polarization, Concentration Polarization, Combined Polarization, Mixed Potential Theory, Mixed Electrodes, Passivity, Mechanism of the Growth and Breakdown of passive Films, Application: Effect of Oxidizers, Velocity Effect, Galvanic Coupling, Alloy Evaluation, Anodic Protection, Noble Metal Alloying, Tafel Extrapolation, Linear Polarization.
  • Corrosion Mechanism

Day 2 

  • Metallurgy and Materials: Effects of metal structure, alloying elements, mechanical working, and heat treatment on corrosion behavior, Cast Iron, High Silicon Cast Iron, Other Alloy Cast Iron, Carbon Steels and Irons, Low Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, Aluminum and Its Alloys , Magnesium and Its Alloys,
  • Copper and Its Alloys, Nickel and Its Alloys, Zinc and Its Alloys, Tin and Tin Plate Titanium and Its Alloys 


  • Corrosion Forms:  Uniform Attack, Galvanic or Two Metal Corrosion, Crevice Corrosion, Pitting, Inter granular Corrosion, Selective Leaching, Erosion Corrosion, Stress Corrosion, Hydrogen Damage. Corrosion by Water and Steam: Factors Affecting Corrosion of Various Materials in Fresh Water, Soft Water, Boiling H2O Reactors,

Day 3  

  • Superheated Steam, Several Kinds of Corrosion Due to Water and Steam High Temperature Corrosion: Temperature Corrosion Including Air, Flue Gases, Molting Salts and Metals, Vacuums …etc.
  • Corrosion control methods applied in oil and gas industry
  • Process proper design consideration
  • Cathodic Protection: 
  • Sacrificial anodic protection method

Day 4  

  • Impressed current  cathodic protection method
  • Controlling corrosion by modifying the environments
  • Dehumidification and alkaline neutralizations
  • Corrosion Inhibitors: Anodic and Cathodic filming inhibitors ,oxygen scavengers, Mechanisms of inhibition and examples of many practical applications , Corrosion Inhibitors Testing and Selection, Corrosion Inhibitors Injection Schemes.

Day 5 

  • Anodic inhibitors
  • Cathodic inhibitors
  • Vapor phase inhibitors
  • Protective coating
  • Methods of application of metallic coating
  • Paints  as method of protection 
  • Characteristics of good painting
  • Pigments
  • Thinner and solvents
  • Corrosion monitoring techniques
  • Case Studies & Common Mistakes
  • Safety Measures   

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